IT - Security Architect

IT - Security Architect

Job Descriptions:

We are looking for Security Architect called Zero Trust Architect.

The Zero Trust Architect will design, develop, and implement the ACB Zero Trust multi-year program, which aims to protect ACB and its customers. The role involves working with stakeholders in ACB and strategic technology partners such as Cisco, Microsoft, Redhat, and others. You are expected to have a strong background in cybersecurity, knowledge of relevant Zero Trust technologies, and experience in designing and implementing security architectures.

As the Zero Trust Architect, you will also be responsible for:
• Maintaining a roadmap for the Zero Trust Architecture implementation.
• Continually assessing the state of the zero trust program against the established roadmap, identifying gaps and shortcomings, and working with other program stakeholders to execute corrective actions.
• Maintaining a roadmap for Zero Trust Architecture implementation.
• Designing and implementing Zero Trust Architecture solutions that are tailored to ACB’s specific needs and future target architecture covering the different Zero Trust pillars and capabilities of the program: identity, device, network, application workload, data, visibility, and analytics, automation, and orchestration and governance.
• Working with vendors to select and implement Zero Trust Architecture solutions.
• Educating and training the ACB staff on Zero Trust Architecture principles and best practices.
• Staying up-to-date on the latest Zero Trust Architecture frameworks, technologies, and trends.
• Engage actively with business and technology stakeholders to enhance and assess ACB’s cyber resilience, including active participation in business continuity and disaster recovery plans and exercises


As the Zero Trust Architect, you are expected to have:
• Strong knowledge and hands-on experience in designing and managing large network infrastructure, including software-defined networking.
• Strong knowledge and hands-on experience in different cyber security domains/major vendors: identity, network, endpoint, workload, virtualization, security monitoring, etc.
• Strong knowledge and hands-on experience in the area of automation, including Ansible, Terraform, etc.
• Strong experience in deploying seamless network segmentation projects.
• Strong knowledge and experience in public and private cloud infrastructures: virtualization, containers, Kubernetes, and optionally Serverless.
• Sufficient knowledge and experience in Python.
• Knowledge and experience in applying DevSecOps concepts.

• Bachelor‘s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field
• 8+ years of experience in cybersecurity
• 5+ years of experience in designing and implementing security architectures
• Excellent communication and presentation skills
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team
• Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Security or Enterprise

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