IT - Điều phối dự án CNTT

IT - Điều phối dự án CNTT


1 / Monitoring the implementation progress of the subprojects:

  • Submit weekly report template and provide summary information on due action items to project managers.
  • Get feedback on status quo and explanations (if any). Compare with the PMU‘s action plan monitoring sheet and prepare the weekly report.
  • Send weekly reports to the Director and subprojects to serve the meeting.
  • Upload the final week report file (adjusted after the meeting, if any) into the Project folder.
  • Urge the subprojects to fulfill commitments during the weekly meeting.
  • Collect progress information from the subprojects, record work status and progress statistics by week and month.

2 / Implementation of the administrative works of the project:

Schedule meetings, send meeting invitations and make meeting minutes certified by the participating personnel and archiving. Support arranging facilities, equipment for meetings.

3 / Processing or forwarding requests to relevant units; follow up to ensure timely responses.

4 / Making project cost payment documents.

5 / Archiving project documents.

6 / Compose, type, copy, scan and translate generated documents as required.

7 / Synthesize reports and other work assigned by the Project Director.


1 / Education: Bachelor of (Foreign Languages, Economics, Business Administration, Administration, Law and other social sciences) 

2 / Knowledge: 

  • Computer: Proficient in using office computer;
  • Foreign language: English fluently;
  • Managing office work;
  • Primary human resource management. Basic legal knowledge.

3 / Skills: 

  • Good communication skill;
  • Translation, document editing, dispatch and notification skills; 
  • Relationship management skills. 

4 / Experience: Administration, clerical, archive. 

5 / Quality, personality: 

  • No criminal records, no criminal records or legal issues;
  • Honesty, agility, responsibility;
  • Careful, accurate; 
  • Cheerful, amiable, orderly and organized.


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